What is INPUT?

INPUT is the annual documentary and television festival organised by the the NOS (Dutch Broadcasting Foundation), NPO (Netherlands Public Broadcasting), and the Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision.

The annual INPUT event is designed to inspire public broadcast journalists and program makers by confronting them with new or striking productions from their own field. It provides a platform to stimulate the development of new and innovative programs. The festival brings together people from various broadcasting organizations as well as makers of selected films, providing them with the opportunity to discuss their processes and choices. INPUT also provides the perfect opportunity for professionals to interact and network with international colleagues.

INPUT is a fast growing festival, from more than 300 visitors in 2010 to 500+ visitors last year.  This success was achieved thanks to both the wide variety of genres available in the different screening rooms, and the interactive element created by the (video) debates and active use of social media such as Twitter.

At the 12th edition of the INPUT festival in April 2017 we hope to equal, if not exceed, the previous visitor numbers, thanks to the especially interesting range of films selected for this edition. INPUT 2017 is a film festival featuring inspirational documentaries, dramas, short films and fiction from all over the world. Discussions with program makers, workshops and master classes provide the opportunity to share knowledge and new ideas. For program makers, television journalists, documentary makers, broadcast managers, producers and film academy students. In short, for everyone with a love of the world of television.


It is possible to register as a visitor through this website by following the link ‘Aanmelden’ in the main menu above. Entrance is free of charge, but be aware: there is a limit to the total number of visitors, so make sure you register in time! Once you have registered and received a confirmation, you are able to attend the festival for the whole day.

If you are a film maker interested in getting your film screened during INPUT 2017 or in future editions, please contact our team at input@nos.nl or send an email directly to our programmer gerard.van.den.broek@nos.nl.

INPUT is particularly interested in films in the categories: Current Affairs and Sports.

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