De wereld van vrouwenhandel en prostitutie

Mimi Chakarova maakte de documentaire ‘The Price of Sex’. Een intiem, schrijnend en onthullend verhaal over jonge Oost-Europese vrouwen die in de schimmige wereld van prostitutie en mishandeling terecht zijn gekomen. De film is voor haar niet zomaar een productie. Chakarova is sterk betrokken bij het onderwerp en neemt de tijd het thema bij zoveel mogelijk mensen en professionele organisaties onder de aandacht te brengen.

“I grew up in a small village in Bulgaria. My Mom and I left a year after the collapse of Communism. When I was growing up, our village had approximately 5,000 residents. Twenty years later, there were hardly 500 people left. As you can imagine, the experience of migration is close to my heart and the stigma with which trafficked women are treated back home is a reality I wanted to expose by making this film. I want people to get to know them; where they come from, who they are and why they left in search of better lives.

In a lot of ways, this is my story as well. We came from the same place, were on the same road, grew up with the same conditions and isolating poverty, and when the system collapsed, many fell through the cracks of migration. I also knew that I could bridge the gap between the reality in the Balkans and Eastern Europe and the West. I’ve been a part of both and I knew I could clearly explain the effects of “then” and “now” in a compassionate and personal way.”

Bekijk de trailer van deze documentaire onder ‘News’.

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