What is INPUT?

INPUT is a documentary and television festival located at the Media Park in Hilversum, the Netherlands. It is organized by NOS News, NPO (Netherlands Public Broadcasting) and the audiovisual museum Beeld en Geluid.

INPUT is organized on a yearly basis in order to inspire public broadcasting journalists and program makers, as well as confront them with new or striking productions from their own field, in the hope that this will stimulate more experimentation and innovation. The festival aims to bring together colleagues of different broadcasting organizations as well as invite the makers of selected films to discuss their process and choices. INPUT also explicitly intends to allow professionals to interact and network with each other.

INPUT 2010 drew over 300 visitors. On Monday 10th of October we hope to attract at least 400 interested journalists and program makers to the Beeld en Geluid building. Watch this movie.

Film makers that wish to enter their film for the INPUT 2011 selection can contact the organization via input@nos.nl. We request you to please send us a synopsis and video link or DVD.

What to expect?

We have four different screening rooms for four different focuses of interest, plus a room for workshops with documentary makers.

In the News room we concentrate on current affairs films, preferably dealing on issues of the last twelve months. With a lot of journalists in the audience we have a lively discussion with the film maker about his/her choices and angles, and about the obstacles he/she encountered while filming. In the Sports room we screen new documentaries on sports issues, trends or portraits of individuals and teams, with discussions with the maker or the leading figure in sports.

The Human room shows films about the daily life of people, with all the highs and lows that are part of it. With our selection we try to stay close to current discussions in our society. The films can be either fictional or factual. In the Formats room we present a range of new televisionformat ideas, the latest trends of international conferences for TV programmakers like MIPCOM and EBU.

All day long professional documentary makers will gather in a separate room to discuss their work and share their experience with each other and the audience.

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